Triptych with Pets by Shawn Rosenheim

Photograph Credit: Shawn Rosenheim   Triptych with Pets 1. I had Barron for two years.  He was the first dog I’d owned as an adult — a portly black Lab who never missed a chance to escape.  Our yard was large, but not large enough for Barron: whenever one of the kids left a door […]

Pink Man by Michael Chin

Image Credit: Michael Chin PINK MAN I started losing Tim when he hit high school. I guess everyone does. After all, what are those teenage years for but developing independence by way of rejecting your parents? I stayed out past curfew to make out in vacant parking lots, then started climbing out my bedroom window […]

Poetry by Donna J. Gelagotis Lee

Photograph Credit: Alonso Inostrosa Psijas   White Dog Dawn. I descend to the lower level of our home. And there in the yard is a large soft- haired white dog on its haunches, statuesque yet cloud-like in the morning haze. He should have been in my dream, or perhaps he is, as I ascend, once again, […]

Spring 2017 – Framing Multitude: Alternative Paradigms of Citizenship in New Venezuelan Cinema by Mariana Bolívar Rubín

Globalization, population’s mobility, and the increasing visibility of disenfranchise sectors of society continues to shape the production of national imagery in Latin American film. Nuevo Cine Venezolano, the most recent expression of national cinema, represents an enormous shift in the nature of the interaction between the cinematic industry and popular representation Amidst the failures of […]

Spring 2017 – Shibori, Indigo, and Kites by Ann Scott

  A Few Words About Shibori, Indigo, and Kites I have been a dedicated maker and shaper of textiles for decades, continually fascinated with the ancient processes used to transform a collection of fibers into a woolen rug, a linen napkin, or a finished garment. Carding, spinning, dying, weaving, knitting, hooking, beading, stitching, embellishing: although […]