In 2017-2018, The Mind’s Eye will continue as planned, in the form of an online publication, as well as begin the planning and implementation of a metamorphosis of The Mind’s Eye into a faculty professional development opportunity in the form of a symposium.

The symposium would consist, for example, of three multidisciplinary sessions where different faculty presented their own research alongside other faculty. There might be a lunch with a keynote speaker related to creativity and the liberal arts mission, digital humanities, or creativity and diversity. A digital archive of the talk abstracts and the keynote would live within the online journal platform that will be further defined and developed during 2017-2019.

Ideally this symposium/professional development would take place at MASS MoCA either in the beginning of October or November 2018 or 2019, and would feature one of the current artists as the keynote speaker such as Laurie Anderson or Jenny Holzer.

For MCLA Faculty, the symposium is a professional development, which allows for sharing  works-in-progress along with completed research and other scholarly pursuits. It will celebrate the professional work of faculty and give us an environment to learn about each other’s research and work.